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Picking Info

Red Raspberry Picking Tips

  1. Raspberries are ripe when they slip off the stem and into your hands easily. Do not tug at them.
  2. Do not pick unripe berries. Raspberries do not ripen further after they've been picked.
  3. Pick all the ripe fruit, large or small. All sizes of ripe berries are delicious!
  4. Look under the leaves. Berries like to hide.
  5. Handle raspberries gently. They bruise easily, so don't overfill your container.
  6. When you take your picked berries to your car, place them out of direct sunlight.

Raspberry Handling Tips

  1. Use raspberries immediately or store lightly covered with plastic wrap in the refrigerator.
  2. Keep berries in the refrigerator up to 3 days, or freeze them.
  3. Keep raspberries out of direct sunlight when on tabletops, counters, or in the car.
  4. GENTLY rinse raspberries just before using them in recipes or eating them fresh.

Visit our Berry Update page for daily updates on raspberry picking conditions. Our goal is to provide our customers with gourmet quality berries that are sweet, flavorful, and packed with nutrition!

Red Raspberry season lasts throughout the beautiful fall weather until late October.

It ends at Halloween or the first hard frost.