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Rosby Berry Farm

Treat yourself to farm fresh Rosby Red Raspberries! For daily updates, pricing, and hours, click on our "Berry Update" page.

Visitors to the Rosby Berry Farm are delighted to discover a bucolic setting and row after row of well-tended raspberry plants. Spacious aisles of  grass separate rows of carefully tended plants. We offer clean, picturesque fields for enjoyable picking! There are seven fields of Heritage Red Raspberries and one field each of Polana and Autumn Brittain Raspberries, each carefully labeled with color-coded markers. Visitors are given a map indicating where berry-picking is best on that particular day.

Berry lovers from all over the region make the pilgrimage each year for fresh, Ohio-grown fruit. Pick your own for maximum nutrition and flavor. Discerning chefs throughout the region love the freshness and quality. In addition to fresh raspberries, we sell many of the supplies you'll need to make your own jam or jelly.

For those on the run, pre-picked berries are available by special order or at the Garden Center Berry Tent during peak raspberry season. Call 216-661-6102 ext. 2 to place an order. Picking conditions are posted daily on the "Berry Update" page of this website.

Raspberry season begins around August and extends to Halloween or the first hard frost. Peak season varies slightly from year to year, but September is typically an excellent month for berry picking.

All berries sold at Rosbys are grown here on the farm. Weather conditions, the time of season, and the number of berry customers who decide to visit on a given day will affect daily availability, so always check online "Berry Updates" or phone before you plan your trip. During the picking season, updates are posted at least daily.