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Scroll down for photos, descriptions, pricing, and availability of materials such as:

  • Lumber and Plywood
  • Steel I-Beams
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Decorative Landscaping Boulders
  • Cut Stone & Barn Stone
*Our inventory in always subject to change. This web page was updated on 5/1/07. Please call 216.661-6102 x202 or visit our site at 54 E. Schaaf Rd. for additional updates. All materials sold "as is." Customers need to be prepared to load and haul materials using their own vehicles and labor. With our pricing, you'll typically save 50% or better off retail.
Lumber & Plywood

Condition: good to very good
Sizes: various, including 2"x4" and 6"x12"
Price: per size, type, & condition.
2"x4"x16 ft. ...$4 each

Weathered Lumber--beautifully weathered for decorative or structural use
Condition: excellent
Sizes: 1 pallet 13'x4.5"x3/4"; 6'x2"x3/4"; 7'x10"x3/4"; +various other sizes
Qty: approx. 40 boards on pallet

Plywood--interior & exterior grades available
Condition: good to very good. Reclaimed from construction sites, most like new.
Sizes: full sheets, 4'x8', and half sheets, 2'x8' and 4'x4'
Prices: Full sheet 3/4"... $10
Full sheet 1/2"...$8
Half sheet 3/4"...$6
Half sheet 1/2"...$5

Steel I-Beams

Steel I-Beams
Condition: good to very good
Sizes: misc., including 12 ft. long x12x10"; one 35 ft. long x21"x7"
Qty: Approx. dozen
Price: per size, type, & condition



Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Wall Tiles -- Brand new Duraglaze, still in manufacturer's box, perfect for bathroom or kitchen; most blue, some beige, both facing and edging tiles.
Condition: excellent, new
Sizes: each tile 4.25" sq.
Qty: 40 boxes of 96 tiles. Each box covers 12 sq. ft. of wall space
Price: please inquire



Decorative Landscaping Boulders & Stones

Boulders and Stones--Choice of granite, sandstone, moss rock, fieldstone, and more.
Condition: Excellent--reclaimed from site clearings, demolitions, etc.
Sizes: Large, 3'x4"; medium, 2'x2'; small 1'x1'. Good variety, average 2 ft. across. Stones approx. 6 inches across.
Qty: hundreds
Prices: as marked

Cut Stone and Barn Stone

Cut Stone and Barnstone
Beaufiful variety of colors and shapes. Some stone is new, unused from new construction. Other pieces are used/reclaimed. Some cut, others irregular.Condition: good to excellent
Sizes: huge variety
Qty: hundreds
Price: varies according to type & size

Scrappy, our RRR mascot, exemplifies a commitment to recycling. She's not really for sale--unless you can promise her an exceptional home. (All serious offers will be entertained.) Sure, Scrappy has been around the block a few times, but being a little rough around the edges just adds to her gritty character. Must see to fully appreciate. Spends most of her free time watching over the front entrance to the RRR office.

Recycled Construction & Site Finishing Materials:

  • Recycled #411 and #304 concrete aggregate
  • Topsoils & Mulches
  • Asphalt Parking Lot & Road Base